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Beat the Heat & Install A/C

Improve Home Value with a New Air Conditioner

Are you looking for home improvement projects that will provide the most bang for their buck?

Real estate professionals agree that having a new air conditioner can improve home value. This is especially the case in hot climates, where having an A/C unit is generally an expectation. Here are other ways that having a new air conditioning system increases the chance of a home sale.

Wants & Needs

While upgrading your kitchen or adding a swimming pool can easily woo buyers, consider the homebuyer’s thinking process. If the deciding factor is whether to have a stylish kitchen backsplash or enjoy cool air on a hot summer day, you may beat out the competition with a new air conditioner.

Less stress

Consider the stress and time it takes to move into a new home, then add the prospect of adding a new A/C unit. If a new A/C unit is a priority to the buyer, having an outdated system could be a deterrent in securing a home sale.

Energy savings

New A/C systems are typically more energy efficient than older models. Having a lower energy bill could be a factor in a homebuyer’s decision as they consider energy costs over time.

Tax breaks

While not tied to closing a sale, another consideration when deciding whether to invest in a new A/C unit is the tax break you may get for energy saving appliances and home improvements. The money homeowners invest in improvements (but not repairs) may be deducted from a home sale, which could save you in taxes from the sale.

Air conditioner buying guide

A/C sizing

When shopping for an A/C system, make sure to know the square footage of your home and possibly each room within it. This will help your contractor determine the correct number of British thermal units (BTUs) to properly cool your home.

Air filtration

A new air conditioner can be an allergy sufferer’s best friend, as newer models typically are better at filtering indoor air.

Hiring an HVAC contractor

Choose an air conditioning contractor you trust. Good indicators are length of time serving the community and good word of mouth. In addition, quotes that are too high or low can be red flags that you may need to consider another contractor.

Using your new A/C

Turning your air conditioner on and off isn’t the best way to keep the home cool. For the best results, keep the thermostat at 78 degrees as much as possible throughout the day.

Keep in mind the size of your A/C when maintaining temperature in your home. Remember that if it’s too small, it will take a long time to get your home to its optimum temperature. Alternatively, if it’s too large, you will constantly be turning your system on and off.

While a new air conditioner can solve a lot of temperature and air quality issues, it’s not the only thing to consider. Ensure your system is correctly installed and ducts are properly sealed.

Article By Angie's List